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Campus Cadix

secondary school campus for art and technical crafts and sciences

The project for the new Cadix school campus on the 'Eilandje' to the north of the city centre of Antwerp is a complex urban and architectural design task. It involves the integration of two secondary schools and dwellings in a high-rise harbour environment. The very diverse components of the vast programme are divided into a large new building block and various existing, landmark buildings, which are merged, restored, rebuilt and expanded. 

location:Cadixwijk, Antwerp
realisation:from 2017
competition:1st prize, Open Call Flanders 2104, in collaboration with Hildundk, Munich
client:Scholen Van Morgen / SO Antwerpen
structural engineer:ABT Antwerpen
advisor - technical installations:RCR Herent
advisor - restoration:Callebaut Architecten Gent
advisor - garden design:Atelier Arne Deruyter
photography:Luuk Kramer
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The school campus consists of the following elements:

1. The master plan includes a housing block whose mass construction and typology has been designed together with the school as part of an integrated competition survey and a comprehensive follow-up study. The properties are developed by third parties and further elaborated.

2. A new building block, after the demolition of an existing school building, located at the Kempisch Dok Westkaai.

3. The former CAD hangars from 1938, also a protected landmark building by former city architect Emiel Van Averbeke (one of the hangars retains its original function as recruitment centre for local dockworkers).

4. The listed, historic school from 1927 by Van Averbeke, located at the intersection of the Cadixstraat, Rigastraat and Napelsstraat, consisting of a plurality of building blocks and three courtyards. The school is thoroughly restored and adapted to current use in conjunction with building heritage preservation. For this purpose, two pavilions in the courtyards are added to host new elevators and staircases and the currently unused attics are converted into high-quality workspaces.

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situation plan

The Cadix school campus is used by a vocational school (SL Technieken) and an art school (SL Cadix). Education in both schools is emphatically practice-oriented, with subjects ranging from welding and using wood saws to photography and fine art. The purpose of the new school is to optimally accommodate this variety and, where possible, display it to the outside world.

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SL Technieken is integrated into the new building volume, the image of which refers to the industrial history of the island. For classroom theory education, the school has generic premises that can be used separately or in clusters. The present concept is based on a flexible distribution of closed rooms and open workshops.

The art school is divided into old and new buildings, with large studio rooms under the roof of the new building block and different premises in the restored buildings. Indoor and outdoor spaces are carefully aligned and complement one another. In addition, there are special rooms in the attics; there are roof terraces, courtyards and representative halls. This art school is a school not only for learning but also for living. The social centre of the school is the canteen and the open playground, which are housed in the port hall flanked by the large gymnasium.

Cadix Intro Bird's Eye